I recently had the opportunity to train with Mark from Spartan Development Group, and it was so much more than I thought it would be. Mark not only covered emergency medical procedures with me, but also challenged me throughout the day on the task of putting a tourniquet on various limbs. Who would have guessed it would take longer the more stressed I became. I asked Mark to go over self-defense with me and the use of the knife as a defensive tool – I got that and much more. He spent time teaching me about the different types of knives, guns, and holsters and how to get more comfortable with them. We worked various evolutions and he made them so realistic that it helped build my confidence knowing what to do if something were to happen to me when I’m by myself. I would highly recommend Mark for this training, but know you are getting so much more than just how to defend a punch or how to carry a gun or a knife – he is instructing you on how to protect yourself by any means necessary from just a look, to a yell, to force if needed. I will be training with Mark as often as often as possible to soak up all the knowledge and training I can.”