It is impossible to predict the nature, environment, and conditions surrounding a deadly force encounter. A wide range of skills must be trained in order to achieve a successful outcome in any event possible, not just the ones foreseeable.

Our philosophy is that individual skills trained in isolation, such as weapons manipulation and marksmanship, for example, need to be complemented with Tactics and Force on Force training in order to have the greatest chance for success under real-world conditions.

Our approach to training is holistic in the sense that we provide a complete system for fighting that is not limited by any factors such as distance, movement, angles, conditions, or environment.

We provide training solutions for combatives at extreme close quarter range at one end of the spectrum, extended/long range engagement at the other, and everything in between. All the while prioritizing the training according to the highest probable threat anticipated.

Spartan Development Group’s mission is to enable student’s with the ability to be equally capable in any condition and prepared for any encounter.