“It is not fear that grips him, only restlessness. A heightened sense of things.”
– Dilios


Nic – Sarasota, FL

Thank you! I just wanted to say that I had such a great time in your last course. Your focus on the fundamentals, but attention to the details on what I can improve on was fantastic. I could see in just that short time that with those few corrections you made; my performance, efficiency of movements and accuracy increased and pushed me past my most recent plateau. I can’t thank you and the crew enough. The service, instruction and facility are wonderful. You are a true master of your craft, and your attention to detail and depth of practical and theoretical knowledge is rare. Thank you again for such a great course!

Mike – Jacksonville, FL

As a very dedicated civilian who trains regularly, Spartan Development Group is an outstanding resource for growing and grooming your skills in nearly all aspects of shooting. Mark is a great coach and makes every effort to understand what his students need in order to make the material as relevant and valuable as possible. Mark is extremely focused and extensively trained by some of the most respected instructors in the industry. His knowledge and experiences provide students with a unique and versatile training opportunity. I have trained and improved in the following areas under SDG’s instruction: handgun, carbine, force-on-force scenarios, room clearing, use of barricades/structures, fighting in and around vehicles, urban defense, precision applications out to 1000 meters, 2 gun competitions, and shooting under night vision. I have also received an incredible amount of advice on selecting the best equipment. Everything from: weapon components, to night vision, to battle belts. Whether you’re a new shooter looking to understand weapon zeros, a mid-tier shooter looking to take things to the next level and understand the “why”, or even an advanced shooter looking to tighten up your game – I highly recommend training with Spartan Development Group.

Tammy – Melbourne, FL

I recently had the opportunity to train with Mark from Spartan Development Group, and it was so much more than I thought it would be. Mark not only covered emergency medical procedures with me, but also challenged me throughout the day on the task of putting a tourniquet on various limbs. Who would have guessed it would take longer the more stressed I became. I asked Mark to go over self-defense with me and the use of the knife as a defensive tool – I got that and much more. He spent time teaching me about the different types of knives, guns, and holsters and how to get more comfortable with them. We worked various evolutions and he made them so realistic that it helped build my confidence knowing what to do if something were to happen to me when I’m by myself. I would highly recommend Mark for this training, but know you are getting so much more than just how to defend a punch or how to carry a gun or a knife – he is instructing you on how to protect yourself by any means necessary from just a look, to a yell, to force if needed. I will be training with Mark as often as often as possible to soak up all the knowledge and training I can.”