Precision/Scoped Rifle (8 Hours)

Location: Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club (click for map)

This course is designed to help the shooter maximize the capabilities of their weapon system and push them to the limit. Whether it’s a 5.56 with a low power variable optic or a precision platform in a wildcat caliber, the shooter will leave with an understanding of how to effectively put rounds on target at the weapon’s max effective range.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Eye Protection (Dark & Clear)
  • Hearing Protection (Electronic Preferred)
  • Rifle with 4x Magnification Optic at a minimum
  • Minimum of 3 Magazines
  • 500 Rounds of Match Grade Ammo
  • Sling (optional/recommended)
  • Bipod (optional/recommended)
  • Rear Bag (optional/recommended)
  • Electronics – Weather Stations/Ballistic CPU’s/Laser Range Finders, etc. bring what you’ve got

Course Cost – $250 per Day